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A safe and effective way to automate trolley retrieval.

The Purchek system is a unique merchandise and trolley security system that prevents shoplifters from pushing trolleys out of the store without first paying for merchandise, dramatically reducing trolley and merchandise theft. Purchek leverages the GS Technology Platform to provide the only in-store anti-theft solution with an integrated locking wheel.

Purchek stops pushout theft regardless of whether or not the merchandise is equipped with security tags. And, because each trolley is equipped with a patented self-locking wheel, shoplifter's trolleys are not only disabled when they attempt to exit, but an in-store visible/audible alarm enables store personnel to immediately respond to the theft attempt.


The end of pushout theft

Purchek leverages Gatekeeper's self-locking wheel to prevent shoplifters from pushing tholleys out of the store. The wheel will lock at the exit if a shoplifter attempts to push a trolley out of the store without paying, disabling the trolley and triggering an audible/visible alarm. 

How it works