Trolley Security Products

Trolley Control offers a suite of anti-theft products that help contain and maintain a store’s trolley fleet. As every store’s loss prevention needs differ, Trolley Control can help formulate an individual or mix of products to provide optimum asset protection.

Based on innovative technology, Trolley Control helps keep trolleys within the store grounds and is invisible and convenient to the shopper. Our approach is to take a holistic view on trolley protection and maintenance, from containment to management to loss prevention.


Trolley Containment


Cart Control – A patented self-braking wheel is locked when the trolley approaches the embedded perimeter antenna of the store’s car park, preventing the trolley from leaving the grounds.

Loss Prevention

Purchek – The Purchek system is a unique merchandise and trolley security system that prevents shoplifters from pushing trolleys out of the store without first paying for merchandise, dramatically reducing trolley and merchandise theft.

Trolley Management

Cart Manager – A safe and effective way to automate trolley retrieval which significantly reducing staff time and safety risks.