Gatekeeper Systems

Gatekeeper SystemsGatekeeper Systems, founded in 1998 design and develop the industry’s leading US-based trolley containment systems. Distributed globally, Trolley Control is Australia’s exclusive distributor of Gatekeeper Systems’ trolley security products.

The company, based on the principles of innovation, quality and service, have become a success by listening to the needs of retailers to create a family of trolley security products for stores to minimize merchandise and asset loss, as well as reduce staff expenditures. Gatekeeper Systems’ solutions are based on a patented wheel locking RF technology that reduces trolley theft, whether it’s filled with or without merchandise. Cart management solutions increase staff safety and reduce labour costs, while productivity is redirected back into the store.

Gatekeeper Systems remains committed to providing retailers with world-class trolley security products. For over 14 years, Gatekeeper Systems has been committed to excellence and with over a million trolleys protected worldwide, the success of the Gatekeeper loss prevention solutions continues to grow its impressive global customer list. More and more companies all over the world are realising that Gatekeeper is the first option when it comes to a provider that can deliver integrated, value-added solutions designed to maximise return-on-investment.