CartManager Product Specs




Receives signals from the remote control.  

Anti-Static Chain  

The anti-static chain prevents damage to the CartManager electrical components by dissipating static electricity buildup. DO NOT DETACH THIS CHAIN.  

Battery Charger  

Controls and monitors the battery charging process. LEDs on the charger show charging status and also serve as warning indicators if the charger is malfunctioning.  

Battery Discharge Indicator and Fault Indicator  

Shows the percentage of charge left in the batteries. You should recharge the batteries any time the charge falls below 20%. The unit can also be plugged in between runs to keep the batteries “topped off” at full charge. This indicator also provides error codes that can be used to diagnose problems with the CartManager. 

Brake Light  

Acts like the brake light on a car. Off when CartManager is moving, on when CartManager is stopped.  

Brake Release  

Engages/disengages the manual brake. When the lever is pulled out, the brake is disengaged and CartManager can be manually pushed without using the drive throttles. When the brake lever is pushed in, the brake is disengaged while the unit being driven using the drive motor and engaged when the unit is stopped. The brake release lever must be pushed in to use CartManager with the drive throttles or the remote control unit.  

Charger Cord/Socket  

There are two charge cord configurations for CartManager XD: 
• Attached power cord – this cord is permanently attached to CartManager. To charge, unwrap the cord and plug in to a standard grounded electrical outlet. When done charging, make sure the cord is securely wrapped around the cord hooks on the back of the CartManager.   
• Detachable power cord – plug the flat end of the cord in to the socket on the back of the CartManager. Plug the end with the prongs in to a standard grounded electrical outlet. When not charging, make sure the cord is unplugged from both the wall receptacle and the charger socket and stored in a safe place. The rubber cap on the charger socket should be securely fastened when the charger cord is not attached.  

Drive Wheels  

Foam filled, heavy tread wheels connected to the drive motor.  

Emergency Stop Button  

The Emergency Stop Button is a safety feature that stops CartManager immediately when the button is pushed in. To resume operation, twist and release the Emergency Stop button. Turn the key switch off. Wait 5 seconds and then turn the key switch back on. CartManager will now operate normally. 


Press to sound the horn. 

Key Switch  

Insert the key here to turn CartManager on and off.  

Light Pole  

Holds the strobe light, brake light and antenna. Swings up for operation and down for getting under low overhangs or doors.  

Remote Control Holder 

Convenient storage for the remote control unit when it is not being used.  

Strobe Light  

Flashes as long as the key switch is turned on.  

Swivel Wheel  

Allows the unit to swivel and turn completely around in its own length. This wheel is not connected to the drive motor.  


Twist forward to move the CartManager forward, back to go in reverse. The farther you twist the throttle, the faster the unit will move. You also use these handles to steer the unit when in manual drive mode.