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A safe and effective way to automate trolley retrieval.

Keeping your car park clean and free of stray shopping trolleys throughout the day is both a costly and a resource-intense task. Time staff spend outside collecting trolleys could be put to better use in customer service and maintenance inside the store, ultimately increasing sales - not to mention the reducing injury risk to staff, customers and their vehicles.

CartManager shopping trolley collectors are a remote-controlled retrieval devices designed to help make outdoor trolley management more cost and time efficient.


On average, retailers utilising CartManager XD cart pusher report a 50 percent reduction in labour hours.

CartManager XD is a retail productivity tool that helps makes trolley retrieval more efficient and safe. The proven solution yields a rapid return on investment, not only in terms of reduced labor costs but in terms of overall liability.  Along with a reduced incidence of strain injuries, the automated CartManager XD also offers more control over cartloads, reducing the chance for parking lot accidents. The easy to use, ergonomically designed CartManager XD provides the added advantages of an increased labor pool, decreased employee turn-over and an enhanced image of employee safety. CartManager XD is your total cart retrieval solution.

  1. The CartManager XD cart pusher comes with an easy to use remote control. With buttons displaying a turtle and rabbit for fast and slow modes, operation is self explanatory and simple for any employee to use.
  2. The safety light pole with a flashing strobe makes the CartManager XD cart pusher easily visible to motorists while the fold down feature is perfect for effortless storage.
  3. The CartManager XD cart pusher comes with a built in horn for additional safety.

How it works

Whether you call it a shopping trolley, trolley puller, trolley retriever, trolley mover or even a shopping trolley collector, the CartManager solutions are an easy to use and cost effective trolley security option. Choose which model is right for you.

CartManger XD

The CartManager XD trolley retriever is the latest trolley collection solution in the Gatekeeper family. This solution is the most popular solution for retailers with trolley retrieval needs.

CartManager XD+

The CartManager XD+ trolley retriever is the higher powered cart collection solution in the Gatekeeper family. The trolley pusher's increased motor power is ideal for stores with unconventional parking lots like those with steeper grades. The CartManager XD+ trolley retriever has also been designed for stores that may desire to push volumes of 25 or more shopping trolleys at a time.