About Trolley Control

Trolley Control is committed to helping grocery and department retailers maintain and loss prevention of its trolley fleet. There are over two million shopping trolleys in Australia - it is Trolley Control’s vision to keep them off the streets and on the store’s grounds for customer use.

Trolley Control focuses on quality solutions, innovation and service and acknowledges that no retailer is too big or too small to benefit trolley loss prevention. Retailers with a trolley theft prevention system not only see an increase in bottom-line profits through the reduction of trolley fleet losses, but reduced administrative time and money spent on retrieval and replenishing the trolley fleet.

Easy to use and implement, Trolley Control’s technological solutions are developed to cause minimal disruption to the customer’s shopping experience. Where coin-operated locking systems have proved to be inconvenient to shoppers, Trolley Control offers solutions that seamlessly offer maximum accessibility to shoppers, while keeping trolleys protected from theft and misuse.

Trolley Control can tailor a unique mix of solutions based on the needs of your fleet and are committed to offering world-class products with exceptional service and support. Trolley Control is the exclusive distributor of Gatekeeper Systems.