Trolley Control - Shopping Trolley Security, Management & Containment

Trolley Security is a growing concern among Australian grocery and larger department stores, as it is a costly issue. Quite often, the trolleys removed from the car park perimeter of the car park end up abandoned in the streets surrounding the shopping centre. Such losses are substantial, so smarter stores choose to invest in various systems to prevent trolley theft. Stores may use one or more of these systems (i.e., cart retrieval and electronic) to tightly control their trolley security, saving time invested in staff periodically retrieving trolleys, maintenance and replacement.

Trolley Control offers retailers proven shopping trolley fleet security solutions that target trolley and merchandise theft, as well as automated management and retrieval systems.


Retailers prevent shopping trolleys from exiting the car park perimeter with locking wheel detection system.
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Prevents thieves pushing trolley and merchandise out of the store without purchasing.
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Trolley retieval and management is safer and more time and cost effective with trolley management solutions.
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Trolley Security